Values not calculating upon account creation & file import


Hi! I created an account yesterday evening (approximately 14 hours ago) and connected my Garmin Connect account. My calendar shows the work I have completed, but I'm getting a couple of errors:

- The charts are not populating. Instead, there is an alert: "We're still working in the background to calculate the data for this chart. You'll be notified once it's ready to go." How long should that error take to resolve and the charts be available?

- If I click on "Details & Analysis" for a past activity, it shows a summary of some of the values, but the "Analysis" tab shows: "Unable to display chart, not enough accurate data found." This is true whether the file was automatically imported from Garmin Connect or whether I manually uploaded the .fit file.

I have attached screenshots showing the messages and my performance chart. I'd appreciate any help to resolve the above.



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While you wait for an official answer, welcome Jake!

I don’t remember how long it took for my new account to get up and running, but it may be a good 24-48 hours for everything to process. That poor computer has a lot of number crunching to do!


Hi @jpcrockett, @jesse is correct. The Athletica system has a front facing web feature you work off, and also a 'brain' in the backend that makes some heavy calculations. As you've noted, this takes a bit of time. I've gone through your profile and everything looks correct from my standpoint. However, please let me know if you still feel something is off.



@Prof Thanks Prof – everything looks like it’s working this morning!

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