What triggers plan changes?

Previously, it was said that “comments” do not alter the upcoming plan. I can put “I am completely shelled, my legs are rocks and I can barely move”, but it wouldn’t affect the next workouts.
Yet, sometimes, I upload a .zwo workout to Zwift (the night before). The workout was 1:50. I cut the cooldown short, finishing in 1:40. After it uploads, I see that I am “over compliant” and the workout was changed to 1:20.
I have also seen it add a second swim to a day at the last minute. I’ll finish a swim, go to add the metrics and see there is another swim, completely different, for the same day.
Multiple team mates are experiencing the same things.
My question: what triggers the AI to alter the schedule? Noting an Easy workout felt Hard on the 1-10 scale?