Workout story Friday

Got a fun / wild / funny / aggravating workout story? Share it here!


I’ve got a fun story!

I once went for a nice ride in the country, the Eastern Townships of Quebec, with a coworker. Our objective was to enjoy the views and climb a few hills.

We parked and headed out. I attacked the first hill like the newbie I was while he moseyed on up. He barely broke a sweat while my legs were on fire and I was already dying.

Second hill I did the same. Finally on the third he suggested I just calm down and take my time. I did and it went much smoother.

Only damper on the day was a ticket from the police for riding two abreast along the country road :rage:

He’s a retired pro cyclist and I had no idea the galaxy of difference there was between my abilities and his. I learned a lot that day :joy:

Of course we finished with espresso shots and a pastry at a local bakery.


I was out riding with my wife last Winter. We came out of a lane (single track road) onto a wider B road. This went down hill and we saw some deer off to the right and were chilled talking about the herd we could see.

This was an aerobic development session for me and I was deliberately keeping it easy. We were soon coming to an uphill section and my wife asked what I was planning to do. I said I’d still be keeping easy but if she wanted to push her pace / effort then to go for it, and I’d meet her at the top.

At this point a young man (we are in our 50s) came flying past sat on his top tube like Chris Froome descending in the TDF… He looked back a few times as though we were going to give chase.

He makes a left turn, the same left turn we are about to make to begin the hill climb. Anyway we turn and my wife ups her effort and off she goes. I meanwhile select a low gear and keep my effort nice and easy as she accelerates away.

My wife pulls level with the young man who passed us downhill. He does a double take. He tries standing up, but my wife pulls ahead of him. He sits down again. He tries a bigger gear, my wife pulls away. He shifts down again. He tries pedalling faster but runs out of puff. My wife pulls further ahead of him. I can tell by his body language he’s not happy a women has passed him.

He’s lost that battle and he turns his attention to me. Now I’m riding my recumbent. You know those bikes that supposedly can’t climbs hills. Now I’m relaxed at the back taking it easy. No intention of passing him. But he looks back at me so often it’s getting irritating. I decide to forget the easy session and accelerate maximally up the hill. It really really pisses him off as I fly past and he can’t react. I’m sure I hear him swear, the ignominy passed by a women and an old bloke on one of those funny sit down bikes. Anyway I leave him for dead , as he gets smaller in my mirrors.

I catch my wife and at the top of the hill we stop for a break and some snacks and water. As he finally reaches us we greet him with good morning. He studiously avoids eye contact and continues on breathing like an out of condition steam train.

What is it with some blokes and their egos when it comes to women being better? I’m quite disciplined when out doing my aerobic development sessions. I don’t care who passes me, and don’t chase other riders uphill or up the road. But just that once it was worth it, just to knock the final nail in the bloke’s fragile ego.


Great story! Put those kids in their place :joy:


As Clint Eastwood said in one of his films “A man’s got to know his limitations”