The big training thread

Had a great workout and want to tell someone about it? Did it not go as planned? Just want to vent about your equipment? Sometimes I just want to let the web know how my session went, and maybe you do too. Feel free to do so here!

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I'll start.

I ran yesterday, 3rd run since returning from a calf injury that kept me out for 3 weeks. It felt great! I felt great. It was a very encouraging run.


First HIIT session with Athletica! It was "just" 4 x 1' (30/30) and I enjoyed it very much. After weeks of slow running, it was nice to open the throttle and just run. I feel charged!


Haven't run in days. Attended an intensive Be Activated training lasting 4 days and I was too tired to run before or after. I will do my best to make time tomorrow get some something done. Need to try out my new body!


Two runs this week and I felt the lightest and springyst ever. Such a nice change to be able to just start running without feeling like a ton of bricks clomping down the road.


I think my big training comment is how consistent I’ve been with my training since I took up Athletica and it shows. The AI is fairly consistent about what type of workout it schedules each day. I quite like that, Mon must be recovery day, Tue must be VO2 etc.


I agree with you Phil! Athletica has certainly helped my consistency. I lost it after a lower leg injury, but I’m getting back into it! The decreased intensity versus my precious training has helped a lot as well.


Love hearing those comments guys!

Some rhetorical questions/thoughts/ramblings that have crossed my mind while out pounding the pavement recently:

After listening to literally thousands of hours of endurance training podcasts over the past 7 years, I had concluded that training by HR was antiquated. Training by power/pace was the objective way to go. When I trialed Athletica 2 years ago, I never gave it a chance to change my mind and stopped after 2 weeks. Now, I appreciate the mix of HR based training and pace depending on session objectives. I think that using HR as a measure of load makes a lot of sense to me. If it’s darn hot out, you gotta slow down. Perfect 12 degrees Celsius? Pick it up.

I’m feeling impatient with my progression. My previous years of consistent training must have left me with something? Or was it consistent? I did need 4-8 weeks off every year to recover from the previous 10 months of triathlon training. I also had a few running related injuries that I had to adapt to. But still… After 2 years of lacking all desire and motivation to train, I did only start up again 8 weeks ago. Then injured my calf… so really, I haven’t been consistent at all… yet. I have an ambitious running goal and I’m not sure it’s realistic at this point… Then I check in with my body and realize that I’m feeling so good. Light, springy, effortless. My recent cont-ed course has changed how I feel on my feet and how I approach athletic therapy. Cautious optimism that this is the start of a fun new running adventure. How many hours of running do I need to get there??

  1. It was raining today. I love running in the rain!
  2. Update on my previous comment... I definitely felt fast today. Best run yet :D

@phil nice one!! VO2 can be challenging but super satisfying too.

@Prof! I see you’ve snuck another update out! Getting my Garmin session RPE and how I felt added to the session date is a nice touch. High five!

Tonight was my first HIIT session in a long while. 4x1’ (30/30). I felt like I had twice that left in the tank. Love me a good VO2 session!

Thanks Jesse. Good pick-up and I think that it calls for a Coaching Prof mention about its importance. I'll make an announcement about that one shortly for sure.

Great that you're getting to the place where you feel comfortable with the VO2 work. Keep progressing these and you build your fitness.

The data tells me I had a good run. But I didn't feel like it today. Been a lot of events over the past week, so I'm sure I'm feeling life right now. But, I go the run in, so yay!

Ahh, 8C in the rain. Perfect weather for a long Sunday run with the leaves changing colours. This run brought to you by pancakes with almond butter and a splash of maple syrup. :D

@prof I've got an algorithm question. The past couple of weeks look like my run HR zones are not aligned with the run PACE zones. I can run at a Z3b pace with a Z2 HR. Yesterday (Saturday) I ran my 5' "build pace" workout at Z4 pace, but HR averaged Z2 rate. When will Athletica re-align the zones for those workouts that are prescribed by pace?


I'm very happy that it is recovery week. I could feel the past 3 weeks of build accumulating in my body. Time to recuperate for the next build cycle!


Hi @jesse. We’re working on a solution for this as we speak. The problem is that currently the zones are only adjusted when you repeat the equivalent of a time trial (20’ FTP cycling or 5k run TT) in your own training. That’s a bit much we recognize for most. Fortunately we have a nifty solution to automate more frequently and that will slowly be implemented in the coming months. If you want to know right away, I suggest you perform a 5k running time trial. If you’d rather, not, I understand but you will need to wait. Thanks for your patience.

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I listened to the podcast episode that @prof suggested. It was about using a mix of RPE, HR and pace/power. Since I know I need to update my pace zones, but I don't want to run a 5km TT this week, I'll use RPE instead. I Thursday's tempo run based on that principle, HR for the warm up and endurance intervals and then RPE for the 10 minute tempo portion. There's something to be said about just running by feel. It was a very successful run that I enjoyed a lot. I'll be doing that for future workouts.

Country run today. 2C, undulating roads and sombre fall weather in the northern hemisphere. Most of the leaves are down and there's an eerie quietness. Very Halloween. Lovely!

This 2 week build and 1 week recover cadence is working well for me. In the past I've done 5 build to 1 recover and it ended up being too much. Took all week to start feeling good again. Now I feel ready for the next 2 weeks of build.

@jesse I’m loving this training diary. Thanks for sharing!