AI extends instead of shortening


The system indicated on a bike session with a red exclamation mark that I needed to either skip or move a session due to risk of over training, but instead it got extended from 2 hours and 14 minutes to 2 hours and 40 minutes. So I kept the session shorter than planned and got a somewhat spicy note about that in the comment.

I thought that the program was designed to cut sessions down when needed and not extend them…

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Hi @Thosig ,

Yes - recognize this can be confusing and that we haven’t yet nailed our UX for these. If these are annoying you you may wish to remove the notifications on your profile and also the AI that’s reacting on a daily basis. You can do that in your profile settings. As discussed elsewhere on the forum, the AI is constantly reacting in an attempt to both 1) raise your fitness and 2) keep you healthy. These optimizations don’t always go hand in hand and hence the disparate recommendations you note. We’ll continue to work to improve this aspect in the future. Importantly, always listen to your body and call sessions when you know you should. I can see that you did so for that particular bike so well done.

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