Bug reports

@ashleyidesign Got it. Yes - you must have at least one A race selected, and this should be the last date in the sequence. I think if you adjust accordingly with the other races above it should work. Please let me know.

The training plan page is only showing the totals today. I’d like to add my subjective feedback but cannot. This is iOS 16.6.1 and Safari


@phil Doing the same thing on Chrome on a PC. @prof

@phil Hi everyone. We are aware of this bug affecting multiple users and will report back once it is cleared. Thanks for your patience while we fix.

@Jesse Thanks Jesse. As you can see we’ve configured our landing page a bit different so that you land on your calendar and can select immediately from there, but that’s still a nice suggestion that I’ll put forward for consideration.

@phil the system should be back up and running as normal. Apologies for any inconvenience and please let us know if things still aren't right for you.

@markbridges It was a bit slow to start, but functional. It’s returned to typical response times today.

I have another problem with my plan. I wanted to update my plan to a middle distance volume plan beginning with a test week starting from 25/09/2023. Currently the plan isn't updated in the plan overview and there ist no middle distance test week (instead there is a long distance test week which I created first last weekend).


I am unable to select workout alternates when using the Workout Wizard in Safari on iOS. I tap to try and select but it leaves the original workout as the selected choice.


@rene it looks like your plan updated correctly in the end (was probably just a bit slow). Let us know if it is still not showing you what you want/expect

@phil this is an incredibly frustrating bug for us (as well as you) that we have been trying to fix but haven’t yet done so. Thanks for letting us know and we will let you know when it is working properly.


Love the updated looks and colours for the webapp. However, the colour red gives me "bad" or "negative" connotations. So now when I'm looking at my week I just see red everywhere. Perhaps both the "Workout Wizard" and "Details & Analysis" buttons could be more welcoming?

Thank you!

@jesse I totally understand what you mean and we discuss this at some length, but decided that these two functions are so critical to the use of Athletica that we wanted to highlight them as an important call to action. In this color scheme, we felt it red would be the best option. We'll be monitoring other feedback and whether or not these changes are having a positive impact on user behavior. Thanks so much for letting us know.

@Phil @Giuseppe85 I think we have finally fixed this annoying bug. Please try Workout Wizard on your iPhone and let us know if the problem persists. Thank you so much for your patience on this.

@markbridges Looks like a winner to me. As a bonus you also seem to have fixed tapping the power and heart icons (on workout wizard alternates) to bring up their values.

@markbridges Great success! Highlighting those important functions with red certainly got my attention. :slight_smile: Perhaps once they’ve been acted on they can become less obvious?

Hey guys!

Just noticed that on FireFox iOS the weekly totals at the bottom of the page are not coloured in consistently. See screen shot.

Also on mobile, the buttons at the top of the page to change weeks are not on the same side as the desktop version (right side on mobile in portrait

[attach]67[/attach] [attach]66[/attach]

and left side on desktop and landscape mode)


Hi @jesse, thanks for flagging these. These are what Steve Jobs might have called a “feature” rather than a bug!

We have updated the weekly totals to show a fill bar on each item that increases as you reach your weekly totals goal. It may look a little odd at first, but we hope that it gives a quick visual indicator of how you are progressing on the week’s microcycle.

On mobile we set the top nav bar to center justified to better account for the variety of smaller screen sizes and the different zones depending on what plan you are on. You can see here on my phone, it looks a little different than yours with swim zone in addition to bike and run, but still centered. On desktop the nav bar is right justified.


Your explanation makes perfect sense. I saw the navigation buttons as related to the drop down box of the plan and thought it strange that they were changing positions.


Not sure if this is a bug or not, but I recently completed my triathlon season (killed it!) and was looking to create a train to maintain for the rest of the year. when I create a new plan my performance potential shows a decrease in all aspects (i.e. my fitness has a continual decline to 7). Just wondering why this may be the case.