Connect IQ Workout Reserve Data Field Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t find an answer to my issue in the FAQ.I manage to set everything up correctly in the watch.

However, when I get the authorization popup and want to make the connection, I get an error message… NOT FOUND. The requested URL was not found on this server…


Can you share step by step screen grabs so I can clearly see what step you reach

@Phil - I’m having the same issue that Gregson. I installed the app months ago, and now is not working. I uninstalled the app, and installed it again today and when the Connect IQ reaches the oauth Athletica AI website it says that the URL “Not Found” (Requested URL was not found on the server).

What I did is:

Uninstalled the app, installed it again, wait for connect IQ to do the “sign in request” and when I tap the request, redirects to the which is not found.

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@Phil I am new to Athletica and I’m having the same issue that others are reporting in reference to the Garmin Connect field. I installed the app and it would not work. I uninstalled the app, and installed it again last night and when the Connect IQ reaches the oauth Athletica AI website it says that the URL “Not Found” (Requested URL was not found on the server).

So as far as steps go:

Uninstalled the field
Installed the field again
Waited for connect IQ to do the “sign in request”
I tap the request which then takes me to the which gives the error message.

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Hmm, I’ve just typed the base url (without parms) into my browser on my iPad and it very much does exist as I got a response.

{“error”:“unsupported_grant_type”,“error_description”:“The authorization grant type is not supported by the authorization server.”,“hint”:“Check that all required parameters have been provided”,“message”:“The authorization grant type is not supported by the authorization server.”}

It appears your internet connection is doing something weird with it. I’d check you are not behind a firewall or some other proxy blocking the connection to Athletica servers.

What does the 6 mean on your Wi-Fi icon?

@Phil The 6 is indicating wifi 6. I have no issues with any other apps or adding new Garmin Connect fields so not sure what would be the issue on my side.

I’ve just done a full uninstall and reinstall and authorisation. It’s downloaded my WR profile and good to go. Since I got a new phone today that was all newly setup as well.

Thus the problem lies somewhere in your phone connections or settings. You say other fields work fine, how many of those are doing Oauth2?

Can you also confirm OS and default browser? The last step of authorisation is a redirect back to the Connect IQ app on your phone and the browser must support that. This is all standard smartphone functionality and the model Garmin IQ controls when we want to do Oauth2.

I’m betting you are Android?

@Phil Yes, I am on Android. I have a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra on Android 14. My default browser is Google Chrome 124.0.6367.114.

As far as OAUTH2 I am not sure on that.

I can try the Android browser and see what happens if I make it default?

Yes try that. I’ve just typed in the redirect url into Google Chrome on my iPad and it doesn’t redirect to ConnectIQ. Hopefully your default browser will.

@Phil Well it went to default browser but got the same.

Hmm, that url doesn’t look right. Are you able edit that first & to a ?

I’m wondering now if the Connect IQ app has recently updated on Android and introduced a bug? On iPhone on which I’m on, the urls are appearing correctly.

@Phil I made the default browser what comes with the phone and it still did not work. But, as you said, I was able to edit the URL as you described. This tool me to the attached screen, see image. I clicked the button and nothing happened. I let it sit with my watch on the Athletica field up. A few minutes later I got the beeps and the - 0- is showing 100%.

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Garmin only allow data fields to make Internet calls once every 5 mins in the background. Hence once you’ve authorised it, it has to wait 5 mins to convert authorisation into access and retrieve your profile. Once you hear the tune and see 100% you are good to go.

Garmin must have changed something in a recent ConnectIQ release, causing the url to not be constructed properly on Android.

I’ll get my bike session in first, because I know once I sit in front of the PC, the day will get away from me. Hopefully it’ll be straightforward to sort out and release a fix that works on Android without messing up iPhone…


@Phil - Totally worked changing the “&” to a “?”. Something has to be happening with the Android system or at least Samsung S22.

Is there a way to add to the UI a screen after tapping “Authorize” so can make sure that the user knows that data is being pulled to complete the WkR? If @fekieser hasn’t got to the flow I would have thought that there was other issue issue happening with the Connect IQ

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What happens if the url isn’t mangled like on your phone, is that after authorise it returns to the Connect IQ App with a sign in successful message.

The retrieving profile after authorisation is all covered in the instructions and video provided for the data field. Retrieving the workout reserve isn’t part of the authorisation flow. The authorisation flow is standardised and not particular to the data field.

As to the rest it’s restricted to what Garmin allows and expects. It’s under their control not mine, including certain UX elements on the phone.

Out of interest what Garmin device are you using?

I think I can do some sneaky stuff to get it to work first time on Android, but need to make sure I don’t break it on iPhone. To do that I need to put an amended version on my Garmin only to test. But I have a 24 hour event this weekend, and don’t want to do that ahead of it.

I’m going to raise a bug report against Garmin, as it’s their code that constructs the full url and gets it wrong!

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I’m using Garmin 1030

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I used the WR data field on my Saturday ride - I want to understand better how to interprete the data field since it doesn’t make sense to me: I rode for 5 hrs, and with few light stops…I saw that after few minutes of stopping that the WR data was almost at 99% which doesn’t make any sense since I was already at my 3 hr mark. The same happened at the end of the ride. How do interprete the dat field? I saw at the end of my session that I hit a mWkR of -7% but that never showed up in my device.

I’ve noticed the WR resetting to 99% as well, seems to zero out it’s counters if you move the field on the screen, or put the device to sleep at a stop.


I you move the field mid session then you are effectively removing it from that profile and then re adding it. That will reset it, and cause it to initialise back to the 99% you saw. Sleep, you should be alright but it will still move back towards 100% whilst you are stopped, or even if you are riding downhill and not putting out quite so much power etc. It not a simple metric that just goes down as duration does up.

If you can share (via DM) your name in Athletica and the date / time of a session where you definitely put it into sleep and did not end your session or restart or power off and it returned to 99% from a very low value, then I can take a look to see if there’s anything unexpected.

To understand it more, see Train and Race with Athletica’s Workout Reserve on Garmin | Athletica

Key thing to realise is that workout reserve does recover during your stops and light efforts. Not necessarily to 99% to 100% as that will depend on how long you were stopped for, plus which power duration was driving your workout reserve to it lowest value. If it was your 1 minute power / duration profile than a 2-3 min stop is very quickly going to recover that back to 99 / 100%.

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