Connect IQ Workout Reserve Data Field Frequently Asked Questions

What I read from the article is that my mWkR as a function of the time should be shown in my Garmin device? Because if that is the case, they were not matching.

As I’m reading it in my session my mWkR was 10% but I’m pretty sure that I never saw that in my Garmin Device.

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Here is the minimum value displayed in real time, during your session. Excuse formatting I’m not at a PC. Thus -9.2%, which aligns pretty well with the -10% shown post ride on the web…


Really interesting! I will keep an eye closely to the data field next time… thanks Phil

You see the date and time on the right, that is for your workout reserve profile on your device. You want to allow time for that to update, which means your device and paired phone turned on and near each other with Internet access. You don’t need to obsess about every session, but your workout reserve profile is updated on the web everyday. If your device starts to use a much older profile the numbers will get out of line.

Here’s mine for comparison when right up to date. This was a recovery ride, thus no low min WR.

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Hi, played with this some more today. I pushed the stop button on a 1040 while riding, which caused the WR to reset to 99, pushing the stop button again, resumed the workout, all other counters continued ( time, avg power, HR, Garmin Stamina etc), but WR started from 99%.

Possibly shouldn’t reset on stopping and resuming a workout, this is without power off or sleep.

Cheers, Andre

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Shouldn’t do that, I presume you mean stop , then start and continue without saving?

Exactly Phil, stop, start worry saving. All other counters continue.

I did multiple stop / starts on my Edge today and at no point did it instantly jump back up to 99.9%. Can you let me know date and time of session you saw this, and your name in Athletica so I can take a closer look at it next week.

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