E-biking no longer contributing to bike load/fitness?

I’ve noticed that e-biking is now counted separately from biking in my plan, and doesn’t seem to be contributing to my bike load/fitness. This seems like a recent change that happened in the last month or so.

Would you consider changing this back so that e-biking once again contributes to bike load, and the AI can factor this into my plan?

I do most of my zone 2 bike work (about 1 hour per day) on my e-bike when I cycle into work, so e-bike rides make a big difference to my plan.

I’d like to continue to use the e-bike option on my watch because it pairs with my bike, giving me my power output, cadence, and speed.

Hi @kaieke_pahikara ,

For now we have made the decision that e-bike should not be considered a ‘normal’ bike ride, since numbers can easily be skewed, throwing off load calculations in certain situations. So sorry for the inconvenience in your case but we have to consider the platform as a whole and all users and accuracy and function. We may adjust this in the future but for now this is our decision to prevent errors across the platform for now.

Hope you understand.


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Hi @Prof,

Thanks for considering my request, and for taking the time to explain the rationale for the change. I completely understand why you wouldn’t prioritise development for edge cases like mine.

However, unfortunately, with up to half of my training time being on an e-bike, this change means that Athletica won’t work for my needs anymore, so I’ll be in touch with your support team about refunding me for the remainder of my annual subscription.

I’m sad to leave as Athletica is a fantastic tool. I will continue to share its awesomeness with my non-e-biking friends.

Please keep up the innovation and I wish you every continued success.

Best wishes,

Hi @kaieke_pahikara ,

Totally understand and no problem.

To be clear, your e-bike training load is being calculated using HR (if available). Of course, e-biking external power load should not be included in an overall ‘bike’ external load because we can’t make out what contribution was made by you vs the external electric motor. We can and are by proxy with HR including a load (stress) contribution to your training plan with adjustments made subsequently. You just see it separately from the bike only load. Hope that makes sense.