How to incorporate club swims into my plan?


Hey there,

I am now in my second week of my Athletica trial. I have been really impressed with your product and I intend on subscribing to the paid plan!

I do have a question. I swim train with my local tri club twice a week. Our coaches prescribe a different set for each session. I'm wondering how best to incorporate these into sessions into my plan. I've selected a duathlon training plan so that I'm not being prescribed swim sets but I'm not sure if that's the best approach. I'd prefer not to have to manually enter the exact session every time into Athletica.

FYI - my swims are recorded on my Garmin and should sync up to your platform.

Also, an unrelated question re Zwift. I understand that I need to manually upload a .fit file for the workout to appear on Zwift. But should this completed workout automatically sync or does that require a manual upload to athletica? Any other tips re Zwift is greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance!


Hey Cathal,

long time an Athletica user and Ambassador here ???? I am a triathlete as well. I would use triathlon plan, and then just drag your planned swim sets to your tri group training days. If you know what kind of sessions you typically do, then I would try to match them with the ones that Athletica gives you. If not, don't worry. Your garmin will then sync to those swims automatically even though they will be different. Does that make sense?

Zwift files are .zwo. You need to import your Athletica rides from Athletica (click on the Session details- download .zwo) then drag the .zwo file from your downloads folder to your zwift-workout- your individual folder (your individual folder is a 7digits under workouts). Open up your zwift, go to Workouts (it's the icon that looks like a clip board) and click on the custom workouts. Your athletica workouts will be saved here. Make sure to carefully read the details so you select the correct one.

Athletica bike workouts don't automatically sync with Zwift, so you will have to download and drag each workout to your zwift workout folder everytime. Once you have a good library of workouts in zwift, you can chose from those already in there...

Does this make sense? Happy to help you out with that.



Thanks for your questions. I would echo Marjaana's comment on the swim. I also swim with my local tri group and do their recommended workout. Athletica will read the load and heart rate from your Garmin and the AI will adjust accordingly. When you are planning your week, you can move the Athletica swims to the days you are swimming or just delete the swims and have it logged as an "unplanned" session.


Hey Cathal, here's a quick "how-to" video on how to import your Athletica rides into Zwift :

Hope this helps :D



Thanks both. That’s really helpful regarding the swim sessions.

As for the Zwift workouts, it is very inconvenient having to manually upload but I’m guessing it’s not possible to automate it or you guys would have already done that.

Keep up the good work

Thanks @cathalos - yes, we have approched Zwift to enable us to connect directly, but they have to custom build the connector and so have only done it for a few folks like TrainingPeaks and Garmin. They said about 3 months ago that they should have a solution for us by early 2024 :crossed_fingers: