How to log and value of logging swim events

This weekend I swam at a swim meet. Is there value to my training program to logging my results.
Sanctioned swim meets do not allow watches so results would need to be added manually. Can this be done?

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Hey, you can add a session and manually input your distance and duration, and intensity and Athletica will calculate the training load based on those inputs.
Here’s how:
Hit the plus sign in your training calendar
Then fill in the details

Click on the Edit session details
Screenshot 2024-02-14 112309

Fill in distance and intensity zones

Note that since you don’t have your watch on - no other data is available, and the load is calculated based on your swim zones and duration. The load will be a ballpark number. Hopefully your swimming threshold is current and correct, otherwise the load will be slightly off. Also, I would note that you may want to use a range of intensity zones like 3-5 depending on your distance…

hope this helps.

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Thanks Mariana
The detail you put into this reply really helped me figure it out.
The system told me I can only enter distance or duration for each event. When I tried to enter only duration it wouldn’t except it so I entered distance and it accepted it. I noted the time for my self as a reminder in the heading.
The approx load load was calculated based on distance and zones I entered.


Yes, it only allows duration or distance. You can also add any notes like your finish time etc for yourself to reflect on :smiley:

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