Importing all previous bike work outs


Hi Folks,

On 2/12 I created an account and linked it to my Garmin account and it imported all previous outdoor cycling, strength sessions and walks. But no indoor bike sessions. On the 4/12 I also linked my Strava account, which imported one week (last week) of indoor bike workouts.

Is there a way to import all my previous bike workouts? Or does it matter?


Hi @pablo_ie. Unfortunately we only backfill (2y) using Garmin. Strava can’t backfill that far. If you would like these sessions imported, you could try exporting all the .FIT files from whatever service you have your indoor sessions on, and use the ‘Import Data’ feature. Let me know how you get on. Best, Prof

@prof hey Prof,

things is it’s only imported a 1 week of indoor bike sessions?

and suggestions on how to get the 2y in?


@pablo_ie I was also curious about getting data from strava and found this article on their support form:

When you export the original activities using this method you'll get FIT files for the date range you've entered.

Hope that works for you!

Thanks @jesse. @pablo_ie please let us know if that solves the issue for you. Go to your profile (upper right corner), import data, and this option should pop up for you.


All good now, that works, cheers