Interpretete Workouts

Hi all, Analisyng next week session I came accross this one

How should I intepretate this? I have to do one next to the other (total time 1h48) or should I divide morning and afternon to have recovery time a put more quality in the run.

In any case I am a bit concern regardin this day a whole 19km run at this stage of the plan seams a bit too much.

Thanks for sharing thoughts ;o)

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Hi @Trabucchi.
This output relates to the experimental beta program you asked to be signed up to. User time constraints is trying to please you according to your settings.
Note the warnings its also giving you.
Would you like me to remove you from the group so that this does not occur?
Screen Shot 2024-02-23 at 7.33.09 AM

Thanks @Prof as always for you prompt reply. I ll keep the beta program going. If still the warning will be present on the 27th I ll remove/miss one of the two session.


Hey, dropping my two cents here. You could do one early session (maybe even just 30mins as short warm up and then 20 mins tempo ) and then an evening session maybe 45mins.
Reduce the overall volume of both runs if it seems overly much for you at this stage.
Do what fits into your schedule and current fitness.
You will see double runs if you are on running program so starting to get used to those by cutting both of them just a little bit can be a great way to introduce them to your schedule.


This is a great response and I do this more often than not regarding the “spirit” of the workout.

If my main workout for the day is 3 sets of 8x30/30 and it condenses to 58 minutes total time, but I have 80 minutes total, I’m still doing the 30/30 but adding some more time with easy volume.

Also, @Trabucchi - you could look at the workout wizard and play around with the other options available as you get closer to that date given your time/fatigue/etc constraints. @Prof will have to comment, but when utilizing the workout wizard and applying time constraints it will very likely bump the intensity to give you the same total load as the longer easier workout would give you - my assumption is doing that once/twice a week may be ok, but swapping too many easy runs for harder shorter options may lead to quicker overall fatigue, even though total load may remain the same (all load is not the same load, is my guess - but I could be very wrong).


Nailed it @Bpellegrin :facepunch:t2: :star_struck:


Great suggestion here guys!! Really appreciate!