Low volume vs mid-volume


I have looked at both the low volume and mid-volume templates for a sprint triathlon plan.

I currently have the low volume loaded. It gave me a warning that my swim and bike fitness are too high for low volume and to consider the mid-volume.

I’d like to do more hours than the low volume plan but scheduling 14 sessions in the mid-volume is logistically challenging.

Which option is better:

Option A - do the low volume plan and augment it with some extra zone 2 where my schedule and recovery allow.

Option B - do the mid-volume plan and possibly miss a session or 2 here or there.


Hi Sean,

It's a great question. Honestly you could probably do either option and be successful. I would consider whether or not you wanted to do S&C sessions. If you can handle doing these 2 x 30 min or less home gym based sessions in amongst your busy schedule (I can do my in 20' if I'm efficient) then I might consider trying the mid volume. And as you said, at the very least you could always delete or shorten any session as needed.

But as always, up to you and you know your context best.



Hi Sean-Hylton, as Prof said, you really have two options: skip or reduce the time in the Mid-Volume or add time in the Low Volume. With my athletes in your position, we typically use the Mid-Volume because of the strength component added in. Plus, adding in more volume in Zone 2, as long as you stayed fueled and recovered, is always good. Let me know if you need more guidance.

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Low vs mid, is a debate I have been having with myself. I’ve sided with low since I know I can get it all done, but am missing the scheduled strength component. There’s something about having it added automatically rather than adding it myself that increases motivation to get s&c done.
I’m concerned that all the “missing” or “below” sessions in mid will decrease my motivation.


I hadn’t thought of that element, Jesse. I might do the low-volume, then, and add extra time for the aerobic development (zone 2) workouts as you are able to. More volume will always help. Plus you can always change the plan if you find that you have more time to devote to training.

This is where my idea for having a workout library populated with Athletica workouts (S&C included) came from. Rather than build my own, I can schedule pre-made ones into my low-volume plan. I suggested it as a feature request.

For now, I’ve created a mid-volume plan, then saved the S&C to my library so I can add them into a newly created low-volume plan.

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Clever! Yes, that is the workaround while we get this built. Great suggestion.

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I am currently following the mid volume training plan, and feel like I am doing well with it. Good time management has been key. I am curious what my weekly sessions would look like if I changed to the high volume plan.

I picked the mid volume at the onset because it was equivalent to what I was already doing. This has lead to top ten finishes for my age group and qualifying for Nationals.
Thanks for the input.


Hey Joe,
Curious killed the cat, no? :slight_smile:
Looking at your program everything looks pretty ideal from my standpoint. No warnings anywhere and you’re ticking all the boxes and nailing your sessions. Consistency and health being key over volume. Athletica will give you a nudge when it thinks you are ready for high volume and I would personally just wait.
My 2c,