MAF test questions

For MAF tests - the 180-age formula generally seems to be fairly inaccurate for me. Would I be better to pick the upper end of ‘zone 2’ if I know this?

Also - for cycling MAF I skipped the last 10 mins of the ‘cool down’ due to timing constraints… will this still be picked up as a completed MAF test or do I need to have 100% compliance for it to register as a completed test and be used to set values in the program?


Hey @webscience2

Yes, if the 180-age seems inappropriate to you, and your zones are current, and accurate then use upper zone 2.

You are fine having cut last 10 mins. Compliance is set to ±15% percent. Please @Andrea or @Prof correct me if I’m wrong.

At the moment MAF test is for you to monitor. What I do with myself and my athletes is to set up a Google sheet and monitor the MAF pace over time as I (we) repeat these tests.

Hope this helps

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