MAF test should be a structured workout


Hi Klaus,

Thanks for picking that error up for us and reporting. We’ve made some changes our end to prevent these issues for others in the future. Athletica does still know what to do with all data that is recorded.

The MAF test of the first weak is structured in 3 sections:

- warmup

- 5 mile run

- cooldown

In the description it is mentioned to lap each of the 5 miles on the watch. This is missleading since pressing the lap button on a Garmin watch while in a structured workout terminates the current section an starts the next.

This means that after the first mile, when i pressed the lap button, the watch was terminating the section '5 mile run' and started cooldown!


Proposal: Please structure the 5 mile section as 5x1mile sections which will be auto-lap'ed by the Garmin watch and no human intervention necessary. Please update the description accordingly. Does the software realy need these 5 individual laps?


That's good feedback. I had set my watch to autolap on 1 mile, which seems to get around it, but having it structured would be more logical (assuming you can trust the GPS on your watch).

Because of the irritation of having started 'Cooldown' i got a forced lap after 5 minutes and missed the next lap which I recorded 200 m late. The whole following laps were recorded as part of the cool down section. I hope Athletica knows to use this recorded data.!?