Suggestion on session sync for Garmin(repetition)

Suggestion on session sync for Garmin(repetition)

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for noting this. We agree that really it should just be a single segment where you're asked to hold your MAF heart rate for the set duration, not presented as steps or phases. We're going to make changes for future users.

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I ran the MAF test recently. A portion of it is a sequence of 6 identical steps, one after the other. What surprised me a lot is that when I ran it, for each of the 6 segments, it was showing "1/1" instead of "1/6,2/6,3/6 etc." to give me a sense of where I am in the training. It looks to me as if it is because you are coding that section as 6 times the same step instead of coding a a repetition of 6 occurrences the same step.

Does that make sense?

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These should have been sorted and changed back to 1 single step. Please flag if we missed any.