Manually adjust training plan or just miss a session

Athletica is typically programming 3 sessions for me every Tuesday, usually a threshold Swim and aerobic run and aerobic bike. All other days have 2 sessions or 1 plus strength.

I’ve recently had a change in my work schdule meaning that every alternate Tuesday I won’t have the time to fit in 3 sessions.

My options that I see are

  • Complete the sessions I can from the schedule on the day and miss one out. I would generally always do the swim and a choice of either the bike or run

  • Move the session I can’t do to another day, probably Thursday which usually has a HIIT run session and add in aerobic L2 bike

  • Swap the sessions planned for Tuesday to Thursday and vice versa but I expect this would create issues with the way the plan has been prepared to allow for recovery and a balance of intensities?

Or stop over thinking it and just do what I can and enjoy the training :roll_eyes:



Hey Marc,

I can relate! Tuesday three session is pretty tough to get in. Sometimes i get it in, sometimes I don’t.
Sometimes I move the sessions. Sometimes I don’t.
Life is complicated. We all have our own context. Keep it simple. Do your best and let go of the rest.

Easier said than done - I know.

When moving sessions, make sure you either :
Double up two hard sessions (in a day) assuming you are reasonably fit and can recover from two hard sessions. Then recover.
Or, two -three days of loading (like the three sessions on Tuesday, hiit bike Wednesday and hiit run Thursday) and easy recover after seems to work pretty well for many (easy days monday and Friday). I find it more manageable to put the run hiit to Tuesday evening as I find my legs are beat after Wednesdays hiit and find it really hard to run hard on Thursday.

… so many ways to skin the cat!!



Thanks Marjaana

Makes sense and sort of what I thought, it’s that experience of getting the mix of sessions right to not overdo the intensity. I’m ok doing 2 hiit in a day, I’ll see how these Tuesdays go, I’m sure coach will let me know if I’m going astray :grinning: