Two a day training sessions


I listened to this Fast Talk podcast on two a day training sessions recently.

They seemed to settle on high intensity in morning, a 3-6 hour gap, then endurance in the afternoon being beneficial.

Any thoughts, for instance if I get a day where I can’t fit in a 2 hour aerobic development; is there benefit to moving it to afternoon of day either side where I have a HIIT workout scheduled, assuming I plan to do the HIIT in the morning?

There's a real solid rationale for 2-a-days plan for cyclists that want to maximize their performance ability, but its rarely practiced traditionally. Think of all the other sports like running and triathlon that do 2-a-days. As Stephen Seiler reminds us, you want regular cell signalling with low central nervous system stress (rationale for polarized training method). So here with this 2-a-day model, you'd get that. That's exactly why our high volume cycling plans in Athletica apply this practice.



@paul Excellent that gives me more scheduling flexibility to move workouts (rather than delete) where there are weeks where I can’t workout on particular days.