Platform Feedback

HNY Athletica, I am looking forward to 2024 and continuing with the platform which is amazing and improving continuously!

Here are some minor feedback and questions

  • It would be good to be able to change the type of an uploaded activity (from navigate to run, for example, as I use the navigate mode when I am in a new place running outside)
  • I have been using the “Train to Maintain” long-distance triathlon, mid-volume, for a few months now, and I wonder why it does not include an easier week every 4 weeks. I also felt it was very similar to a long-distance triathlon training, which was ok as I had the time for it, but I was nevertheless surprised by the volume needed to “maintain”.
    • Also, every week, there was no swim during the WE. They were all four packed on the first five days of the week



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