Riding together on Zwift

Wednesday warriors! Ready to spice up your morning this week? 8:30am CT!

Warm up 25mins, 3x 5x40/20s with min in between the sets and cool down to 60 mins total.

Want to join ?
Send me message here and I’ll help you out!

We would love for more women to join us! These are such a great way to get your HIIT workouts done in a supportive and fun environment! Come join us :kissing_heart:



Hey hey lovelies, time to crank it up a notch and add another set of intervals in your Wednesday morning party. 8:30am CT

To celebrate two birthdays, we may do something fun… wear your most outrageous cycling kit and a party hat :partying_face: or sing a birthday song. Up to you!

Birthday boys: your goal is to target power w/kg to match your age. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If you are new and want to join us for VO2max intervals; you need to

  1. Follow me on Zwift Companion app: Marjaana Rakai
  2. Look for an invite once I’ve followed you back
  3. Let me know you are joining us
  4. Join this WhatsApp group WhatsApp Group Invite
    I will drop the Google meet link in the WhatsApp group Wednesday morning. Please show up 10 mins before 8:30 am CT to iron out all the kinks…
    Zwift don’t let me wait for you if you show up late.

See you soon!!



Great session, Marjaana! That was a lot of fun!


Great to have you with us Paul!


Next VO2max set Wednesday 12th 8:30am CT - our European friends, please let me know if there’s a time that works better for you ? I’d be keen on offering you a session as well.

We are starting to build up your ability to hold high intensity for longer. This set will add a moderate increase - and challenge your ability to hold high effort for longer each set. We will do 7repeats each set, but only do 2 sets.

Last week we did three sets of fives. So only one less but don’t be fooled to think these will be any easier!

Please monitor your effort:

  • are you able to hold your target power throughout each 40 sec AND each set, or does your power drop substantially? If it drops consider whether you started too hard out the gates. Is your target power reasonable? How much fatigue are you already carrying? Adjust down if necessary.

I encourage everyone to make individual adjustments on the fly. If 7 feels too much, and this feel is backed by dropping power, then do 5.

I know these session are invigorating (at least they are to me!!) and they definitely make us push harder (at least they do for me!) . . But I would hate it if you feel so tanked the day after that you can’t even do a recovery ride/run/swim. … group sessions are fun, and effective but they can also be too much sometimes.

I am writing this to make a point that you are always encouraged to make individual adjustments to your session based on your judgement. I will not hold it against you if you decide 5 is enough for you that day.

Sometimes I may surprise you and ask for two more efforts… feel free to tell me NO WAY if you’ve already reached your max.

Last thing!

Please use the WR on your watch or bike computer (if available) to monitor your current effort against historical record. If you’ve already reached close to 10, 5 or 0% or even negatives, pat yourself on the back and walk away. You’ve hit the target :dart: and you can walk away from the session knowing you’ve done your work.

I really think using the WR on group rides can make a big difference in not overreaching one session and having to take days off to recover! @Andrea your thoughts on this please?

Sorry about the long post!

See you Wednesday!


@Marjaana this sounds amazing.
I love the idea to use WR to standardise the group effort. I so much look forward to see what will happen! And thanks for setting this up.
Not sure I’ll be able to join, but sounds really exciting! :pray:


Thanks @Andrea :pray: I will see if we are able to somehow produce some graphics for you how it could work in practice…


I am looking to subscribing to Zwift to follow along with my Athletica indoor cycling sessions as well as joining one the Athletica group rides. Up to this point, I have been using my Garmin Edge 530 to sync my Athletica sessions as I follow along on my indoor trainer.

I have watched Marjaana’s video on uploading the file to Zwift. My plan is to use my Apple TV for the workouts.

Three questions:

  1. For those who are using Apple TV for their Zwift sessions are you happy with it? Or do you recommend running it through a desktop computer or iPad?

  2. I have reviewed Zwift’s “What you need to Ride.” And it appears that I have everything I would need to maximize my use of Zwift. As a reference I will be using a Wheel-on trainer (Saris Mag trainer). Garmin Heart Rate monitor, Garmin Speed & Cadence sensors, Assioma Duo power meter pedals. Does anyone see any possible conflicts with this setup?

  3. Since I have always followed along on my Garmin Edge for the Athletica sessions. Will it still need to be (or do you recommend) running the session simultaneously with Zwift? Or do I not need to power the Garmin Edge on?

Many thanks,

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Hi Joe,
I use Zwift on Apple TV sometimes, other times I just use my IPAD so I can watch TV (YouTube, Netflix etc) and run Zwift simutaneously. Sometimes I also run my Garmin Edge at the same time so I can watch my workout reserve in real-time. For the Athletica Zwift group rides, I run Apple TV, but I don’t download the workout, just join the group and follow along to Marjaana’s prompts. Not totally sure about your setup but it sounds like you have everything.
Hope that helps, Cindy


Echoing Cindy here:

Sounds like your set up is great. You’ve got power hooked on and ready to join the zwift party! :tada:

You could fire up Edge for Workout Reserve - super useful tool! But you don’t have to, just follow the zwift screen.

If you are keen on joining us for vo2max, you have everything you need.
Just let me know your username on zwift and join the WhatsApp group so I can invite you!

Looking forward meeting you!


Wednesday Workout & Tea :rofl:
June 19th 8: 30am CT

Warm up, 25min
4x5x40/20 with 4min recovery.
We are starting to push the limits… going for 20 with a longer break in between.

Monitor your WR! Let’s aim to keep target power even from first rep to last rep…
Adjust depending on your day form.

Hey and remember you are welcome to join even if you don’t do all 4 sets!!

LFG :upside_down_face:


I’m in it to win it @cmaloney :smile: