Riding together on Zwift

@amn2099 2% great spot to stop right there :star_struck: awesome! See you next week. Make sure to join the WhatsApp group - I will drop the Google meet link there to safe time and hassle in the beginning of the ride. Well done today and nice to meet you !


@Marjaana that link doesn’t work for me :frowning_face:

Awesome fun, thanks for organizing @Marjaana. You can see from the look on my face that it was " :nauseated_face: fun" and not " :partying_face: fun"

You can see from my workout reserve that I slacked off a little on the last set. But I did hit -9% mWR.


You did amazing work and even remembered to snap a photo. :heart:

-9% WR! Great job! :clap: Look how stable your HR response is …
I’d say you prob hit your vo2max. And based on your comments you probably didn’t have many more reps left - always leave 1-2 in the tank right?!

Again next week!


Really feeling these sessions helping my longer efforts. Especially on rolling hills: after punching up the peak, I feel I’m flushing the lactate much more quickly (or whatever, physiologically speaking, is happening) and I get back to the steady-state pace pretty quickly. The RoB feels stronger, too.


Bravo :raised_hands:t2: so amazing to hear!

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Hey :wave:t2:
New week, new opportunities :star_struck:
Wednesday warriors mark your calendars for a spicy :hot_pepper: morning session with:
20min warmup (gives us enough time to iron out the inevitable kinks)
3x4x40/20 (last week we did 3x5x40/20) this week we will do 4 x 40/20 and focus on executing the same power all sets with no power drops… so aim at keeping your power throughout the set. If you are able to hold 350w rep #1 try to hold the same average the rep #12
Cool down to 60mins

Note: you don’t necessarily need a zwift connection as I will talk you through the set.

Whoever can hold as close to same power throughout the sets wins a virtual sweaty high 5 :partying_face: and glory for knowing how to pace :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Remember to join the WhatsApp group: WhatsApp Group Invite
I will drop the google meet link in the WA group

Give me thumbs up if you are in this week! :star_struck:


I like the challenge unfortunately I might have a schedule conflict. But I will join the week after.