Running Load Calculation

Good Morning Everyone,

I am curious about how the exercise load is being calculated in running sessions.
I have noticed that the adherence factor of the session is related to the duration and not the load or pace of the session prescription. I know load is a function of time, and intensity including my threshold settings (5km TT etc).
I have noticed recently that recently my load per session seems to be higher than expected and am wondering if I need to complete another test week?
Yesterday’s session:

The bottom of my Z2 is 132BPM. I deliberately kept my session super chill just to see how the load came out. At only 6BPM above my Z2 base with the prescribed duration, I was almost 40% higher load than expected.
When I check my thresholds they don’t seem to be too far off, but could sure do with an update; with the snow and ice outside I don’t want to push a full TT for risk of slip and fall.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Hi @Cubicfunction,
Yes - hopefully a simple fix. I’ve had a check of your settings and your 5k time or threshold is as you note, too conservative. So Athletica thinks you are running far harder than you are and then gives you the higher load accordingly. Simply adjust your threshold (faster) so that zone 2 fall more in line with 6min/k and this should solve the issue moving forward. Let us know how you go. Happy to help further as needed.

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Hi @Prof ,

I figured it had something to do with my threshold settings.
Seems I did actually receive that biological upgrade I was hoping for while I slept. :dna: :sleeping_bed: :wink:
I will go in and poke around later today.

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