Swimming workout

It is great to have the workout in my gamin watch. But how do I know I swim the right pace?

If you did your TT, and have an accurate Critical Swim Speed entered in the settings, then each workout will provide a range for a given effort target. If it says L3b, I already know the approximate EFFORT to shoot for, and clicking on the little speedometer on the calendar will give you some targets . For me, this morning it was 1:40-1:51/100yd. I felt pretty good today, so I was at the faster end of that, but maybe next time, I’ll be a closer to the slow end.
I do swim with FORM goggles to get some feedback but mostly I just use the Lx targets and let it be what it is. I would think, as I improve, my CSS will move, just like an FTP, and my ranges will adjust to my new self (or become slower if I take time off).


+1 to what @mpderksen said. It took me quite a while to find my water feel and learn how to gage effort. The window felt very narrow to me as an adult swimmer. It does require some learning.

I used to try and count every lap with my Garmin, but ended up just using the dry erase board on deck with my workout.

At the time I was using TR, which did nothing with the data so I wasn’t too worried about it and would enter the session manually in Garmin Connect.


Good advice already posted. Can you wear the watch and use a pace clock too? Once you dial in the feel of a certain pace in the water you won’t have to try and worry about what your watch is reading.