The big training thread

So, note to self. Brust drink (20g protein and 175mg caffeine) is a terrible pre-workout.

Drank it 4 hours before my run, because why not. I did not feel great. Anxious and down. Not energized at all. This resulted in a run where my HR was higher than expected. I just couldn't keep it down.

Otherwise, the run felt great!

** Training plan note **

This week run total - 2:30.50, next week is 3:53.30... That's way more than a 10% increase.

Thursday HIIT goes from 4x1min to 30x1' next Thursday.

I'll follow up later in the week (maybe by next Monday) if Athletica catches this and updates down to a reasonable level.

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No Brust today! But I had a big busy day with work, so I didn't feel like I had the energy for the session. But. I did it anyway and it turned out quite well. Easy speed didn't feel fast and smooth, but the pace was there. My Garmin OHS was slow to respond today and my HRM has been dropping so that's been distracting. I like it when my technology just works. :P


Amazing what enough sleep will do for your workout! Got nearly 8 hours last night and I feel very good. The run went well and the Z3b portion was very comfortable With the new updated pace zones. HR snuck into Z3b by the end of the 5 minutes.

@prof is the coach feature on a slow roll out to us users? When can I get machine props for my efforts? ????

Hey @jesse. It sure is and isn’t far. Let me know if you’d like to be added to our beta testing group and see how it works for you?

@prof I would love to be a beta tester!

Hi @jesse. I have just added you now. It may take 24h to take affect but soon you should be seeing the new features. Please keep the feedback coming as this is how we improve for everyone else on the Athletica team. Thank you.

Did a little reading on aerobic decoupling, asking ChatGPT for more info. I knew dehydration played a roll, but didn’t realize that average pace can too.

So, today I ran at the bottom of Z2 pace which kept my HR in mid Z2 and after the run I see that I managed a hair over 5% for my hour run. Next time I can run a little faster!


@prof This weeks training wasn't updated overnight. Total run time is at 3h57m compared to 2h35m last week. Previous build 1 -> 2 increases were around 5-10%. Training total should be in the 2h44m range. It seems the updated training zones have come with updated training hours?

A nice run in the rain today, and cool. Feeling comfortable with the pace and the run.

Still figuring out the overall training load for this week. Current solution is to add an extra session that I won’t do. That way the rest of the sessions have their load reduced to close to where I should be this week.


Since the training load is artificially high this week, I had to manually adjust the HIIT session today. Last week I performed 4x1' and this week was calling for 28x1' (4x7x1'). I decided to do 7x1' and in hindsight it was maybe 1 or 2 reps too many. Lots of work and family stress today. My calves feel quite sore now in the hour after my session. Good thing tomorrow is a recovery day!

My 30 second fast intervals were nice and quick too. I felt light, fast and smooth. Yes, my breathing got pretty hard, but it wasn't too difficult. Only annoying thing was having to press the lap button about 30 times to skip to the recovery interval and then cool down.

Oh, and the weather was snowy here, but the roads were bare.

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If you check out your WR, you'll note that you pushed almost perfectly to your limit at -2%. Any time you hit zero it means you've reached a new level of performance (i.e., fitness). That suggests you are right in tune with your body's capability.

@prof Well well well. I did not fully appreciate the utility of workout reserve (WR) until your comment. I have spent a lot of time learning what my body is telling me. Being able to refer to WR post session to help me how I was feeling is super cool. Yes

Really didn’t feel like running today. I’ve been grumpy all day. But I finally managed to get dressed and out for the build pace threshold session.

Armed with the knowledge that WR can predict when I have had enough, my aim was to see if I could feel it, not the time and then check the chart after. Sure enough, I felt my energy waning around the 30 minute mark (5’ into the Z4 interval) and that’s where my WR line hits zero. Pretty cool @Prof! One more reason to trust how I feel and end workouts early if needed or extend them as well.

My mood is better now, not as grumpy.

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Love this @jesse... keep testing it!

As great as I’ve been feeling over the past few weeks, past 2/3 days have been the opposite. No time Sunday, terrible sleep, felt yucky yesterday, better sleep last night but still feel very off. Is that a sniffle or the change in season? Is it work/life/train stress? Does it matter?

Not enough motivation to run tonight after final patient of the day. So let’s see how I feel tomorrow!!

- bah humbug

I got a run in! I felt too tired all week to get myself laced up and out the door. When training is listed behind family and work on the list of priorities, it’s weeks like the past one and the one coming where I’ll get it in when I can and have the energy. Gotta keep the priorities straight and expectations realistic!

Kept it short today to make sure I can run for longer tomorrow.

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And another run this week! 20 minutes was all I had time for, but I got it done. For some reason my left calf got angry with me by the end, so I'll be monitoring that situation for my next runs coming up.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for this busy period. Just a couple more weeks of teaching at university and my schedule relaxes. Until then, psychological stress remains high while physical stress is relatively low. But stress is stress, so I'll get the runs in for my mental health and then build my fitness up again in a few weeks.



Calf is very angry today. Looks like I'll be a cyclist for a little bit while I recover.

<rant> I feel so frustrated. Yesterday's run was REALLY easy. And recent training load has been super low. I don't understand why it acted up again.</rant>

Onward and upwards. At least I get to build aerobic endurance inside where it's warm *grin*


Dear diary … :D

I made the time for a 30 minute recovery ride (felt super easy and no calf didn’t complain) in Friday evening and a 35 minute z2 ride in yesterday. Resistance felt heavy, but doable.

I’m happy I can still scratch that endurance itch indoors and pain free. I’ve also got my tunes to keep things upbeat.

"Shut up legs!" - Jens Voigt. I told my legs the same thing today when I almost completed the Long HIIT alternative on the bike.

Almost, because I seemed to have run out of push on the 4th interval. Heart rate never made it over 163, so to me it felt like over-unders at threshold. But my legs disagreed and said nope like I was on a ramp test. In their defense, I'm not familiar with using my Garmin watch to control my smart trainer. So when the pedals started to turn slower, the resistance ramped up quick. I'd rather the power dropped a moment while I collected myself.

** Anyone out there know how to do a bike workout on a smart trainer with a Garmin watch in resistance mode? **

Calf is feeling good, but I'm also not running... But I am biking *grin*

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