Winter wonderland! What a sudden change in weather conditions!


I live in Montreal, Canada, and winter kicked in 2 days ago. Big time!!!!!

Now the temperature hoovers around -10C and it's quite different than just 2 weeks back.

Should I/is there a way to indicate that new state of facts to thi AI? Because nowadays, my body spends more time just to keep up with the temperature. Also, because of running suddenly in ice and snow, my form is definitely taking a hit.

So I thought the AI engine might want to / should take it into account.


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Hi @patrickd123. Being in Canada myself, I understand your situation. To answer your question, no, the AI hasn't caught up there yet, although linking to a weather app is on our development list.

Basically what I would advise is to train by feel and heart rate and use common sense always. If its icy out and you don't have spikes, I'd avoid that sort of training. Modify your training depending on what you have available in your community. XC skiing for example, running on a treadmill, cycling on an indoor trainer, going for a swim, etc. If you do choose to run in the ice and snow than you have to expect the pace will go down.

We have a saying in HIIT Science, that is: context over content - always. And your case it the classic example.

Fellow Montrealer! Hi! My workout Tuesday was shoveling instead of a run. And my indoor trainer has never looked so appealing when the snow hasn't been cleared.

@paul Thanks! Note that we, athleticans, would not mind if, while it is being developed, you add optional fields for temperature and humidity, if you already know how you would feed it to the engine!


I have these bad boys for when the roads get icy. Luckily on the bike I’m working with power / heart rate and speed is what it is. Temps just risen back (UK) and bike back on the usual tyres today.

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@phil Are those Schwalbe Marathon studded tyres?? When I did my winter commute those were my go to. Didn’t always save me, but much better then rubber alone!

@phil 100% Take the corners with caution. Embrace the season / weather is my motto. Makes for enjoyable experiences.

@jesse shovelling needs to be its own ‘workout type’ on Garmin, etc :slight_smile:

@paul At the rate they are including new workout types on their devices, it’s only a matter of time!

@jesse Yes they are the ones. You still need to be sensible but means I can still go for that outdoor ride which I prefer to indoors. I love getting out on a cold ??? but sunny winter day.

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