Average HR in interval trainings

After a HIIT, tempo or any other kind of interval training, Athetica gives feedback based on session average heart rate and its expected value based on the objectives. What happens is that the session average heart rate contains warm-up, main series and cool-down. However, session target HR is based on the desired intensity for the intervals. Looks like the comparison of both numbers does not match.
Any thought about this?

Hi @celso ,
Yes - the average HR target is based on entire session. I’ve reviewed your sessions and you are more or less hitting these I notice. Please expand on your question with screenshots of the issue if you choose to do so. You look to be training well and hitting targets from what I can see.

If he’s saying what I think he’s saying, he’s asking for more specific session detail.

@celso when you go into the “Details and Analysis” you can click on on the Analysis dropdown at the top and then Session chart and you can see charts with specific detail options like power, hr, RPM, etc…

The main page is really just summary and not interval specific, but that dropdown will be.

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Hi Paul!

I will try to be more specific with some pictures. I raised that question about taking averages to measure how close the workout was regarding to its objective because that could eventually be misleading. See these two examples:

First one is a tempo run with 40min of duration and 130 bpm as average HR (5-FEB-24). The second one is a L2 workout with the same duration and 126 bpm as average HR. (7-FEB-24) Not much difference in average numbers. However, each has different physiological effects.

One possible interpretation for the TEMPO training -based on averages - is that it was below expected level of effort. That could be misleading if future workout loads are designed based on that conclusion.

As @MattS06 said, the “Detail and Analysis” is a good tool to cross check workout results in charts and see if objectives were reached.

In summary, my question is how Athletica.ai detects if the interval, not the entire session, reached the objectives - if it is possible, of course, because real training is never just like its planning, as is might change in terms of duration and even quantity of intervals.