Beta Program Daily time availability & constraints

I just tried to set up my logic and availabilty on the weekly schedule but it seams that the program didn’ care.

Also I put a Race and than back to “Train to Maintain” But the plan still show the race week.

As I understand it, the training restrictions are a “strong suggestion” for the algorithm. It will do its best but too many of them and they will be ignored.

I have 1 hour a day set and the next 3 days call for 2 hours per day of z2. I will just do what I can and Atheletica will manage the rest.

I’ll let @Prof chime in here too, but for the second part, occasionally it takes 30 minutes for the plan to be processed and changed. Maybe that race is gone now?

Thaks for the hint, I ll try to reduce the numbers of training restrictions and see how it goes. Regarding the race plan is still present.

Keep in mind here everyone that the system requires sometimes an overnight period to make the appropriate change as there are substantial calculations going on in the back end. The logic will almost never work on first glance but if you set it prior to sleep and check back in the morning ofter you get more around what you were after. Of course, this is beta so lots still to go for us here.


Ok @Prof I ll let the system work and see in a couple of days if any change occurred.


It does not work at all is also my experience.

Thank you for posting @Albert. If you could please leave your user-time-constraints settings as is for the time being it would be appreciated as your example is a good one where the system has failed a seemingly simple request (Thurs swim). Thanks again.

for me it doesn’t work as well. I want to bike an run Monday and it gives me a swim… sometimes even 2 swims on Mondays (e.g. week 2024-05-20)

Thank you also @Ironben … agree… will add your profile to the list for our developers on this issue.

@Prof it would be great if the team can have a look to my user-time-constraints too and cross check with my plan cause only the request to leave saturday off as been digested from the system. The rest seams not consistent.

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Thank you @Trabucchi. Noted and have added your profile to the ticket.