Choosing days and hours (time constraints)


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Is there an option to select specific (maximum) duration and preferred activity for different days of the week? For example I am able to run for 60mins on a Tuesday but only run for 30mins on a Thursday.

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Hi @cgburmie, this feature is currently in use as a beta feature only. If you'd like to play with it and you're a subscriber, feel free to reach out directly (prof@) to be added to our beta group. Its not perfect yet but getting there.



@prof I’d also love to have the option of specifying long days as I have more time on weekdays than weekends for long runs for example. I don’t see a way of messaging you directly, but can I pls be added to the beta group as well?

Hi @casy. Please send me a message to prof at athletica and I’ll do my best to assist you.

@prof I had played with Atheltica in the past, but it did not work for me without being able to set availably. I just renewed my subscription and bulk uploaded my last several months training. I’d love to join the beta test.

Hello @bfrostieone. I have just made your account beta. It should take effect in 24 hours. Please let me know how you get on with that feature. Best, Prof

@prof Hi Prof, if there is room, I’d love to try out the beta features and provide feedback too. Cheers Andre

@prof I would love to be added if possible. Is it possible to set a preference to break the long ride on Sat over Sat and Sun for example during the winter months 4hr ride on the trainer isn’t ideal. Thanks

Absolutely @durginiii. Have made your account beta. Have a go with those settings and let me know how you get on.

Hi @amnz. We are really growing now. A search for Andre gives me 46 results. Please email me Prof at Athletica and I will help you out.

Hi @bfrostieone. I have gone to your profile and I can see that it has done an okay job based on your requests above. Please note that the logic to enable the requests can take up to 24h because the requests need to go back to the brain of Athletica to fill the many requests. Can you please check and confirm back for everyone? Thank you.

I have access to the beta. The plan does not following the time limits I have set up (settings->about you->daily time availability & constraints). During the week I generally have 1 hour in the morning before work and 1 hour at lunch/evening. I set those limits and I am still getting workouts great than 1 hour during the week (sometimes multiple workouts over 1 hour on the same day). I also set a limit for 2 hour rides on Saturdays. The first week has a 3 hour ride.

Is there a way to specify a day off? I generally take Sundays off (church and family). I tried setting Sundays to "train (any modality)" "no more than" "1 minute". With this setting I have workouts scheduled on Sundays.

If you drop me an email I’ll try to look into your account. I assume you waited 24h for the backend to be consulted and for changes to occur?

@paul Thanks, I will review it tomorrow to see if anything changes.

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Hi there it’d be great to try @Prof thanks!

Hey there. Please send through your email so I can add you to beta.

Hi @Prof If there is room I would like to test the beta features too

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Good morning, @Prof . If it’s possible, I would love to be included in this beta group. Thank you!

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Good morning @Nicholle . You have been added. Go well.