Need Treadmill Recommendations

Hello all-

I am interested in hearing your opinions on treadmill recommendations. I need something with greater than 15% incline, decline is nice too. Something that can exceed 12 mph. I don’t really need all the fancy integration stuff - just something that won’t break with lots of usage.

What is everyone using? I would like to stay below 2500 USD

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We’ve had a sole F85 since 2020 and have been pretty happy with it. I use a Runn sensor to send pace/vert to my garmin for accurate speed and haven’t noticed a significant drift in treadmill speed over the last few years with usage by both myself and my wife. Meaning, if I set the treadmill to 8mph then my watch has consistently picked up 7:30-7:35 pace without me on it, and then when I get on it that 8mph translates to 7:35-7:40 actual pace (I’m ~76kg for reference), so my body footstrike doesn’t appear to slow the belt down all that much and it hasn’t changed since purchase.

When we were looking at purchasing, I do recall mostly positive reviews of both Sole and True treadmills in that price range - there may be others that are better, but those were what we settled on and picked the Sole because we could get it about a month quicker due to delivery delays.


Thanks for the detailed feedback.