No 30/30s in my plan

I listened to the recent The Athlete’s Compass episodes on unlocking HIIT, and I was a bit surprised by all the discussion around 30/30s, as I don’t have any of those in my mid volume running plan. Are they specific to cycling or high volume plans?

I only get two different HIIT sessions: 100m hill intervals followed by 2 minute intervals with 1 minute rest, and 1000m intervals with 2 minute rest.

Another interesting nugget was the discussion around the break period. I usually walk or jog very slowly for those because I need to recover, and that aligns well with what was said in the episodes. However, my 2 minute intervals have a 1 minute rest period defined on my watch using a speed range that’s basically zone 3 for me, and there’s no way I’m running that fast during recovery, so my watch keeps complaining about me going too slow. I know I can just ignore it, and I do, but it’s annoying nevertheless

Hi @casy,
That’s a good point. We have our 30/30s for running in our triathlon plans but would be good to at least have the option in our run plans. I’ve added this to our development plans.
As for Garmin, when looking at your session the recovery zone looks correct. So is this a Garmin issue? Regardless, how you are handling your session sounds appropriate so keep it up.

Looking forward to trying them once they’re added to the running only plans then, thanks!

The recovery issue is related to something I saw another user request: intervals defined by pace and recovery by heart rate in the same session. The smart coach only sets heart rate for everything or pace for everything. While my L2 heart rate range is ok, the pace Athletica expects me to hold at that heart rate is not. The result is me going too slow compared to what Athletica and thus Garmin expects of me, and my watch constantly nagging. This is true for the aerobic sessions also, but those sessions are defined by heart rate and so the watch doesn’t complain about me going too slow there.


got it… tricky one… …

I consider the 100 m hills to be just like the 30/30’s - for me, the hill ends up being about 30 sec (or slightly shorter) but I guess it would depend on the grade and your pace.


I also wonder about these intervals in swim plans

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Something like 2-4 x [8 x 50m hard], leaving on the minute or even 75s would be similar @Swimfast .


I’m on a running plan, and I have 30/30s scheduled next week (3x7). I’m sure that I’ve had them before too. Could it be certain phases are more likely to get them? Next week is a 50km Low Volume build 1.

Yes @kenc45 … build phases as associated with 30/30 VO2 sessions.

Thanks @Prof ,
To clarify why I mentioned this - the OP was about a lack of 30/30s in a running plan, and in your reply you said:

Perhaps I misunderstood the full context, but it seemed strange to me that I’m on a run plan and have 30/30s (which I really enjoy).


Excellent @kenc45 … my bad. Not all running plans have 30/30s hence my response. Thanks for helping my ever-forgetful brain along :slight_smile:

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