Can I stop syncing swim sessions to my Garmin account?


Is there a way to stop syncing swim sessions but keep syncing run/bike sessions to my Garmin account? I rather create my swim workouts manually on Garmin myself, by copy pasting from Athletica, but I don’t want to lose auto-sync of run/bike sessions.

I know what you mean @anilakarsu. I just swam using the feature and wasn’t yet perfect. I’ll add this as a dev request now.

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I really appreciate that you introduced this feature. Even the Apple Watch, as far as I know, doesn’t have this feature (syncing swim sessions from TP).

My problems are quite specific to my situation in Berlin, where different public pools have various sizes and are always very crowded. As a software developer myself, I don’t expect you to solve these specific issues. That’s why I’m content with manually copying data from Athletica to Garmin Connect, and then syncing it with my watch. I was only wondering if I could avoid some clutter by filtering out the swim sessions from syncing.


Just came here to add another point. I don’t know if anyone really likes it but I find it slightly annoying that by default workout steps are "drag and drop"able. Any time when I try to copy-paste a step description, I move some steps around by mistake and the workout becomes “Added by you”. There’s also no way to go back from this mistake (like a Cmd Z hotkey or Undo button).

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That feature has now been added @anilakarsu

Changes will take affect from next sync if user chooses to not sync a certain modality.



Fantastic! I wasn’t expecting that, especially this quick. I hope it didn’t hurt your sprint goals :sweat_smile:

Thanks a lot @Prof


where can I find these options @Prof ?

Go to ‘Edit Profile’ (top right) and then ‘Plan Settings’

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