Garmin - Prioritizing pace over HR


Hi - Using Garmin Connect to sync workouts to a Venu Plus. The workouts come through, but prioritize pace/km rather than HR. I'm new to Garmin, so wondering if there is a way to change this? (I previously had a Coros and manually entered the workouts using HR ranges, so this is a new challenge for me.)

Hi MartinM.

This is a really nice point you raise that has been brought up before. I've spoken with our developers and we're going to add this to our backend dev tickets. That is, we'll aim that the user can choose a power/pace push, OR a heart rate push. I don't think you could have both. I'll make an announcement on this thread when this feature is live.



+1 on this from me. I train with HR and RPE.
My bike workout pushes to Garmin Connect as power, rather than HR.


I did a newsletter and announced feature release on this topic that you can read here.


Hi Prof,

This is a much welcomed feature, however I can't get it to work. It still seems to have my workouts syncing by pace/power and not HR. I've tried deleting the workout in Garmin and resyncing requesting HR but seems to default on pace/power.

Am I missing something?

I'm using a Garmin 955 watch and 130Plus bike computer.

Let me know if you require any other details.



@ricci thanks for noting this. We've had a look and made some tweaks. If you re-sync now this should work. Please let me know how you go.



@prof I got the same problem with the Smart Coach Option. All workouts are synced with power/pace, even the low intensity workouts. Could you please check it and give me some advice what I should do? Many thanks in advance

For my bike workouts

Aerobic Development - heart rate and RPE, though I keep an eye on power uphill.

Strength Endurance - Power & Cadence. I have a GPS data screen with power, cadence, lap time, and lap number. I don’t show heart rate or speed on this screen, so I don’t get distracted. I press the lap timer at start and end of each interval.

Threshold - Power. Use same data screen as for Strength Endurance but ignore cadence, going with what feels natural. Again press lap button at start and end of each interval.

VO2 Max - Only one done on smart trainer. Aim within suggested power range, feeling it out in first few intervals. Some days I can look at the screen and countdown the full 30 seconds. Other times I try not to look at the screen till remaining interval seconds is under 10. Often done to radio or music collection to distract my mind. Focus on one interval and set at a time, just trying to hold power for that one, then recover. I don’t worry at hitting a power during recovery interval, just make sure legs are spinning and HR coming down.