How to manage swim workout after Garmin crashes

I am new to using a garmin watch. I have a new garmin swim 2 with the most UTD software ‘ 2.90’.

Yesterday I pushed an athletica swim workout into the watch.

About 750 m into the workout after pushing the lap button the watch crashed and froze on a screen showing a white (upward pointing) triangle on black background. The watch unfroze itself and restored to the watch face. I decided to just restart the workout and do it again and it again froze after pushing the lap button at about 650 m. I did not know if any of the workout would saved but both sessions did show up on Strava and garmin connect and athletica.

Perhaps unrelated but the order of sets on the athletica site is different than what showed in the am when I pushed it into the watch. I have a few occurrences of the workout pushed into the watch not being the same as what was written for me on the site the am of workout.

Now looking at Garmin chats (see link below ) it looks like the watch freezing in swim workouts is a known problem that has not been fixed over many years. I am considering trying to contacting Garmin to see if they can help and if not have them log it as a bug fix request.

In the meantime I am looking for a solution on what to do to continue and log the workout when it happens.

Should I just write out the workout to bring to the pool, as well as load it into the watch and if the watch freezes just log the rest of the workout as an unplanned swim? If I do this will athletica use the unplanned swim data as well as the swim cut short data due to the garmin crash?


Sorry to hear about your watch freezing mid-swim. Annoying. I’ve had that happen too, or not wanting to upload.

Athletica will read the data regardless of whether it is an original swim session or an unplanned one. I always write the swim workout on paper and bring it to the pool. I have them in a ziplock back. After two years with Athletica, I have a few ziplocks full of swim sets, lol :smiley: