What are the warning triangles about?


For me the warning triangles are fantastic. But they must be taken with a grain of salt. We often talk about walking the fine line between over-training and under-training, and how walking that line successfully is an important part of making progress as an athlete. This is simply telling you that you're walking the line and you're getting close to the edge. Take note about that when you look at the session. If the warning sign corresponds to your 'feel', then that's becoming a strong signal back that you should probably do something about it. Change up with the Wizard to something easier, delete, or move the session. If you feel good, take note and carry on. Use the warnings as a tool to help you navigate your training context.


Hey, I get those little red warning triangles every once in a while. They warn me about risk of overtraining. How would you adjust the daily plan? Shorten session, take a day off, do something else?


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