Overtraining Warnings


I have recently had a warning come up on my workouts in my plan saying I have an acute/chronic training load is too high and I have a high risk of overtraining. It suggests moving or deleting some workouts. This warning is on every workout for the next few weeks.

my question is whether or not I really need to skip or modify some workouts in the event that the training plan cannot adjust? If that is the case, and the plan does not adjust when it thinks too much load is planned, why can’t it?

Thanks for this comment. Its one that comes up often. What the warning means is that you have trained more in recent times relative to what you have trained in the past. Its a warning only. Its something you should take note of but not be overly concerned with. If you feel like the warning aligns with your feelings, then that's a strong signal to make a change. Move the session, use the Workout Wizard to find something easier, or delete the session. In the future we are working on your second point which will automate the change of the session so you don't have to think - and you'll have the option to toggle that feature on or off.

Feeling fatigued more than usual, failing to hit and maintain power targets for threshold or VO2 max, feeling run down, respiratory infection or cough, got a niggle? Then I’d ease back anyway. When I’ve had that I’ve deleted a session such as Threshold and had an additional rest day.

I could be wrong but I think the overtraining warning comes up when your predicted form drops below -30?


Interesting discussion. It's a little more confusing when you get the overtraining warnings, while at the same time getting the increase training load on the same session, which I keep seeing!



Hi @amnz. I’ve checked out your profile. I’m seeing a warning that form is too low from your big ride yesterday and Athletica suggesting you to move that session. Was your increased training load shown coming up prior to yesterday’s ride being processed potentially?

Good Day all,

At some point in our training, I am sure everyone will come across a warning like this one. Being connected to how you feel in relation to any point of data is very important and has been really valuable advice for my training journey as an athlete.

One of the things that I have done previously when athletes could see our Fitness, Fatigue, Form in each session would be to shuffle the remaining sessions around and then let the system recalculate the Fitness, Fatigue, Form; although this didn't change much in the medium term it allows me to accomplish two things:

Avoid the warning's subjective effect on my perception of the next session.

Allow for the minimum effective training reduction of sessions until the next rest day or a lighter session for the warning to go away.

I am confident there was solid reasoning behind removing the default visibility, but perhaps allowing Fitness/Fatigue/Fitness to be turned on/off similar to the original session load/time/distance metrics?

Being able to adjust the visibility to these metrics would remove the blind'ish shuffling of upcoming sessions to achieve the balance of training load without the warning. For those athletes who may have some upcoming disruptions to their training schedule (Life commitments, Work, Family, etc) it would allow them to create a small functional overreach window to then recover when they can't normally train.


@paul Hi Prof, funnily enough, yesterdays long L2 session was originally set at 5 hour, and towards the end of the week both weekend sessions got the overtrain warning, as well as both getting longer (the Saturday's one 5h -> 6h22)

I wasn't planning on a real ride today.

I did see similar things happening last week as well though.


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it seems that overtraining is based on fatigue, the future load in session on an ideal load, and they aren't talking to each other.

@paul It often happens to me too! But just select from the workout wizard a less intense / less long workout or recovery and everything solves! It is the

'Magic' by Athletica! And that's great! I'm improving a lot in just 3 weeks!!

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To me this is sage advice :clap:

Just revisiting this, I have these warnings across the rest of my 1st proper week plan (which I’m currently ignoring as I’m used to this level of training and feel absolutely fine)

However what I find strange is that I also have a warning to say that my overall fitness is too high for the low volume plan?

I guess I need to hit that button to find out, but surely the mid volume plan would just increase the fatigue each week?

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Hi @jockefc23 ,
On your profile and you’re correct to ignore. This is a really common issue we’ll need to figure out in the future and I think the solution will come from a better analysis of your past training history. We’re currently doing a big push on critical power and speed adjustments to your profiles across the platform but high on the list is a better assessment of past training for new onboarders like yourself. As you can read above and elsewhere, eventually Athletica figures things out and the warnings go away but it would be a better UX if we got this better out of the gates I agree. Feel free to DM me if you want me to look at anything specific on your settings.

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Thanks! I think I’m kinda happy so far as it’s in the right sort of area for the training I want. I know I can take a little bit more load on running so I can just add that manually.

It’s a little frustrating thst it decides to reduce other sessions in the pool for example because of it, but now I’ve figured out that I can extend them manually hopefully it will learn quickly!


Echoing what a few others have said, recently I have been getting a warning stating “Your overall (and bike, run and swim specific) fitness is too high for this plan. Our training recommendations will be lower than your current volume, but aim to get you to race day in optimal shape.” This is great that I am receiving this input, however my training sessions moving forward are then changed to increased volume and intensity (I had a ride go from 3:20 to 4:40 and swim sessions with increased volume as well). It seems like the warning may not be communicating with the plan or I may be interpreting the warning incorrectly?

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Hey @MHughes . Recognize the confusion there. Remember you have the option to turn those off in your settings if they are distracting. Athletica’s goal is to increase your fitness progressively and safely. I’ve had a look at your program and how you are progressing and everything looks very good IMO. Agree that we haven’t got the UX just right yet with those warnings and we will work to do better in the next two quarters.

Hey @Prof thanks for the fast and concise reply. I appreciate you taking the time to look through things in my profile and provide your feedback. Looking forward to seeing progression of both my training and the program in the future.


I was just poking around in my settings and noticed within “Profile” on the “Plan Settings” tab there is -Show daily Performance Potential on Training Plan- option.

This brought back my Fitness, Fatigue, Form information; seriously awesomesauce to be able to see this again as I am juggling/moving my weekly sessions around when life creeps in.
Before I would have a general idea of the sessions impacts, but would shuffle wait for the rebalance and then go check my graph and then back to the Plan for any further adjustments.


Very Happy Lad over here thank you so much! :star_struck:


Thanks for sharing that a cool feature I didn’t know about


Thanks, I’ve forgotten that new tab was there. Turned mine back on as well. Not so much fitness / fatigue but I like to see the form.