Workout Change issues

I noticed today that my Saturday ride had materially change in length of time (and load). The best I could tell, it was due to an extended increase to the “warmup” and “cooldown.” The interval portion was unchanged.

Because I did not want to ride that increased time, I tried to go in and edit the ride to reduce the “cooldown” back to the original length of time. A couple things to note from trying this:

  1. I think there’s a defect in how the tool updates the workouts. I clearly selected the “steady/cooldown” section and modified that time (from 1:20:00 to 1:00:00) and yet it actually changed the interval section (from 00:19:00 to 01:19:00)). This has happened before when I’ve modified the workout. The wrong section is updating which can throw the entire workout off. In this case, as the previous time, when the interval section gets modified, it also changes the intensity of it and you have to try and guess/remember what the original intensity was supposed to be.

  2. Because I’ve modified the workout, the system now notes it as “added by you.” This means you can’t see the workout wizard anymore, or even the workout you modified in the first place.

  3. This is problematic because while I’m pretty confident on what the original workout was, I have no way to revert the workout back to what it was before my edit. The text of the workout appears to be from the original workout and so I modified it to match that, but with no workout wizard available, it’s a guess.

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