Choosing days and hours (time constraints)

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@Prof please add me to the Beta, thank you

@prof would you mind adding me to the beta?

I realized that the calendar now has times, But they seem to be added at 6am and at 5pm, I train morning only and usually do two training session on right after the other but can’t change that in my calendar. By adding to the beta do you think it would be able to change that?

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Don’t think the new calendar feature is related to beta status. @MarkB is leading the new calendar feature so have tagged him here.

@Lapo1990 we thought that by adding a start and finish time to the training sessions, we would enable users to manually change them in their calendars to the appropriate time. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way and it is locked in at the same time everyday. So we will probably go back to making it an all-day event so that it does not clutter up your calendar until we figure out a way to make this changeable. Thank you for bearing with us on this, we’re trying to make it work the way we all want it to work!


Greetings @Prof :wave: Can I be added to the beta please? As a coach, I need the ability to define weekly training layouts for my athletes. Cheers!

Hi @pierre,
Absolutely, however only athlete accounts are put on beta so you need to specify the athletes you want this for. Feel free to DM me if private.
WRT weekly training layouts, please provide more detail around what you require as this is not clear to me what you are after.

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Can I be added to the daily time availability beta program?

Thank you in advance!


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Hey Trevor… welcome to the team!

Thank you very much!

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@Prof Subscribed to the plan. Could you please add me to the beta for time constraints please. Email is same for forum and athletica. Thank you.

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Thanks @fbashir and welcome to team beta!

Hi @Prof , can you please add myself to the Beta, some of the workouts during the week are way too long, like Low Cadence work for bike on monday for almost 3 hours, I want to be able to cap the workouts during the week.

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Hi @billm,
Good idea. I have added you to beta. Let us know if that improves the prescription please if you get a chance.

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@Prof Hi Paul - thanks again for the discussion over on slowtwitch - have decided to give it a go! Can you please add me to the beta group for testing time constraints. Thanks, Paul

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Thanks for the discussion on ST @Chowders. Was a good thought process for @Andrea and I. You’ve been added to the beta group. Please review the thread so you understand expectations of being part of the beta group and that there are still bugs to be worked out in the program. Best, Paul

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Thanks @Prof for adding me to the beta programme. I’ve set things up, including some user constraints, and left it overnight to figure out the plan. Several things not working so hopefully a good case to look at for the beta (I am not actively using the plan yet so no stress re my training!).

The contraints I had set up were:

  • swim at least 55min on Thu and at least 80 min on Fri (this to tie in with my squad swim sessions)
  • S&C at least 30min on Thu (again to tie in with a current routine of doing swim/gym on Thu … squat rack is at the pool)
  • no more than 30min on a Sun (I feel I need a ‘deep’ recovery day each week … my age! … in practice I currently set this in my (non Athletica) plan as optional 30min recovery swim and/or bike); I realise that with Athletica I could adopt a more ‘on-demand’ recovery approach … but it also suits family life to not have much training on a sunday

I’ve got A, B and C races coming up from 22 Jun-25 Jul, so recognise that’s awkward to schedule with the taper/recovery weeks (indeed my own non-Athletica plan doesn’t adhere to the above constraints during this period). Wonder if an option to ignore constraints during taper/recovery weeks (esp for ‘at least’) might be helpful?

I looked at the plan beyond this period to w/c 5 Aug (which is 12 weeks from my other A race) but unfortunately the system has also struggled with the constraints during this period. I assume you can see my plan so won’t describe the details here. There’s also a warning saying “Your bike and run fitness is too high for this plan. Our training recommendations will be lower than your current volume, but aim to get you to race day in optimal shape” … which is surprising as the volume in the plan is higher than I am currently doing.

Hope this is helpful!


Hi @Prof - some more feedback on the user constraints beta. I have added some new constraints: (1) max 20hrs pw, (2) a modalities distribution, (3) at least 1hr run on a Wed to match my squad run session.

It’s now lining up sessions to match my squad sessions nicely, and working within the max 20hrs.

The modalities constraints seem a bit off generally - too much swim and not enough bike.

Despite giving me a rest day on a Sunday it often lines up an easier day on a Monday. The consequence of which is then a pretty hard Tue/Wed/Thu (too hard I think) … having a hard Mon, easier Tue, hard Wed, easier Thu seems like an obvious/better prescription.

Bit of craziness around a race on 6/7 … rest day before and after (with pre-race primers 2 days before).

And in (e.g w/c 5 Aug) it’s doing one very unusual thing - there are 2 run sessions, on of which is a run-off-bike (but no bike session to run off)!

Hope this helps!

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Hi @Prof - here is some more feedback on the user constraints beta. Curious to know when you are hoping to release a working live version? I am 6 days from the end of my trial period and my current thinking is (1) the user constraints is a key feature for me (can’t really imagine the product without it), and (2) I’m afraid can’t imagine me subscribing with the current level of ‘craziness’ (to borrow a word from the slowtwitch thread) in the scheduling that I’m seeing. I don’t see others posting issues here recently … which is making me wonder if I am doing something wrong, or there is a bug in my account or something else which would account for what I am seeing? I’m happy to stay on trial for longer and keep providing feedback if that’s helpful but I don’t feel I could trust the system with my programming in its current state.

I’ve selected a few weeks from my plan to highlight some of the issues:

In the week above I have the Alpe d’Huez triathlon. The race is actually on the Thur so the limit re only scheduling races at the weekend affects things here. I haven’t yet manually added a travel day (partly because it’s so confusing anyway with the race showing on Sat … I’d have to put the travel day on the Thu to get the correct relation to the race, even though I’m travelling on Tue … and I just don’t want to be having to do mental gymnastics in race week!). The bike sessions seem sensible enough. As usual, the system is desperate for me to do 5 swims (it seems to do this almost every week, regardless of constraints I’ve tried to add to try to discourage this (setting swim modality to 23% and setting max volume to 18hrs); I do sometimes do 5 swims a week but most weeks it’s not that practical for me). And (apart from the OW sessions) the swims this week seem to me to be much like any other week, rather than a race week programme. The run sessions seem highly inappropriate: there are HIT sessions the day before and the day after the race; there is a ROB on a day (Wed) when there is no bike session.

Above is another race week. There’s a rest day the day before the race - seems erroneous as I would expect activation sessions on that day. Those activation sessions instead seem to be 2 days before the race (and that day also has a 2nd swim session, which also seems erroneous). There’s a ROB session on Wed but no bike session that day (and you can’t see it on the screenshot but there is also another short run session that day). There’s a run hill interval session scheduled for the day after the race.

The week above is this week, which should be the 1st week of a 2 week taper into an A race. The system has instead chosen a build week. The swims on Thu/Fri fit my constraints (to tie in with my squad swim sessions) but the tendency to schedule 5 swims regardless shows up here, with the other 3 swims being only 30-40mins duration. Run volume is low relative to swim and bike (and not in line with the modality distribution I’ve selected - 24% run). Mon is an easier day, despite the Sun before being a recovery day. Sun is a rest day … which is potentially fine … my constraint is set as no more than 60min that day … but I’ve noticed the system tends to schedule a rest day rather than a light day. Tue/Wed/Thu all include a decent chunk of high intensity - it doesn’t seem like the best distribution of sessions. There is no S&C on Thu, despite a constraint set which should result in at least 30min that day.

Hope this helps!