Succession of workouts


Hello, I wanted to know if when are proposed 3 workouts in the same day like swim

Bike and run these must be performed in this succession or we can run (for example) before swim?

And can these be performed at different times of the day? (Obviously where it is specified run off the bike should be run immediately after the bike..)



Thank you for your question. It's a great one and a topic that many athletes and coaches often wonder about.

The order of the workouts (swim, bike, run) when proposed on the same day can indeed matter. The sequence can influence the effectiveness of the training and the fatigue levels experienced by the athlete. However, it's also possible to change the order of the workouts. For instance, you could run before you swim. But it's important to consider that changing the order may affect the training outcomes and your fatigue levels.

As for your question about performing these workouts at different times of the day, yes, it is permissible. Neuromuscular fatigue induced by metabolic conditioning is a transient phenomenon. The recovery duration allowed between training sessions likely influences the the session. Most evidence suggests that neuromuscular fatigue persists for at least 6 hours after strenuous endurance exercise (including HIIT), which may be fully resolved after 24 hours.

I hope this answers your questions. If you have any more, feel free to ask!

Prof Laursen

@paul perfetto! Honestly I can endure up to 2 continuous hours of training then I prefer to do the third after 4/5 hours of detachment ..

For the Strenght plyometric instead I can perform it well even after a session of Run or Aerobic bike.

Thank you for your always very clear and exhaustive answers!