Adjusted Sessions - Conflicting Warnings

I just joined and am following a half distance plan. As sessions modify I am getting two warnings that conflict with each other.

  1. “Form (combined) is too low on day 2024-04-04. You have a high risk of overtraining. Consider moving or deleting some sessions.”
  2. “Increase in training load to ensure progressive overload.”

For example, my next swim has increased from 57 load at 2800 yds to 85 load at 4100 yds. I understand it increased the load/distance to continue a designed progressive overload. But if it is also saying that my form is too low shouldn’t it either reduce the intensity or load/duration? If I am over-reaching (which is how I interpret form too low), why is it increasing my work load? If I am over-reaching I will not be able to absorb the progressive overload, correct?

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